5 Best Power Clean WODs (Try These CrossFit Workouts!)

The Power Clean is an explosive whole-body movement and a staple exercise in Crossfit that originates from the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, where it used to be its own event. It is a highly technical movement that requires a good deal of skill and correct technique to complete. One of the primary benefits of this exercise is whole-body […]

Concept 2 Rower Chain Oil (Read This)

While most rower machines are relatively low maintenance, the truth is that you need to do some basic maintenance to keep a rower running smoothly and not breaking. Without consistent cleaning and oiling, rowers can become harder to use over time, begin squeaking, rusting, seizing, and decalibrate. It’s also possible to snap the chain! And, […]

Concept 2 Damper Settings (Best Settings Explained)

Damper settings are associated with rowing machines, which are generally setup indoors and are situated either in a gym or in some kind of home setting, like a workout room or area. The reason damper settings are important is because they manage how much air is taken into the flywheel housing, and this has a […]

Why Do People Hate CrossFit (8 Reasons)

CrossFit has become increasingly popular over the past decade. It has gained a cult-like following and made quite an appearance in fitness trends. Yet, it’s also been met with an equal amount of criticism and skepticism from those outside its circle. It’s become a popular gym joke to hate on CrossFitters and some of their […]

What Does ‘RX’ Mean In CrossFit? (Explained)

CrossFit is a high-intensity style training approach that has soared in popularity over recent years, and continues to attract more followers hoping to achieve a high state of fitness. It combines several diverse elements, namely cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, and gymnastics. All these disciplines come together to provide a quite diverse and challenging workout for a […]

Concept 2 Drag Factors (Best Settings Explained)

The use and definition of the drag factor are the most misunderstood attributes of the Concept 2 Indoor Rower. The most likely reason for this misunderstanding is the complexity of the method of data provided through the Performance Monitor display and the drag factor calculation. A reliable drag factor promotes improved coordination and agility skills […]

Is F45 CrossFit? (Key Differences Explained!)

While F45 and CrossFit are both based on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), they are in fact very different. CrossFit was founded earlier and generally incorporates heavier weights, Olympic lifting, and gymnastics training, while F45 is more based on functional movements with light weights or body weight. In this article, we’ll explain these differences in more […]

Is CrossFit Religious? (Explained)

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program combining gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, running, and rowing elements. The program is constantly varied and is scalable to accommodate people of all fitness levels. CrossFit has been criticized for being a cult-like organization, but it is not a religion. CrossFit’s community aspect attracts many people to the program, but […]

Is CrossFit a Cult? (The Truth!)

CrossFit is a workout program that became popular only very recently around the world, but it has stormed into the forefront of exercise regimens during that time. There are approximately 13,000 gyms which now offer CrossFit programs in more than 120 different countries worldwide. Within the United States, there are at least 7,000 gyms offering programs, […]

Why Do Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit (10 Reasons Why)

It’s a known fact that bodybuilders hate CrossFit, but where does it all stem from? If you’ve been trying to understand the cause of the bad blood between the two, but still find no sane reason why the two should be in any competition, this article on why bodybuilders hate CrossFitters will shed some light. […]