Why Do Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit (10 Reasons Why)

It’s a known fact that bodybuilders hate CrossFit, but where does it all stem from? If you’ve been trying to understand the cause of the bad blood between the two, but still find no sane reason why the two should be in any competition, this article on why bodybuilders hate CrossFitters will shed some light.

A Brief History of CrossFit and Bodybuilding

CrossFit began in the year 2000 in Santa Cruz, California. Gymnast Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit), together with his partner Lauren Jenai established a gym so that they can develop more strength by using dumbbells and barbells. They then took to the internet to post the exercises, and soon after that, CrossFit gained popularity among the police, military, and firefighters.

The first Crossfit games were established in 2007 with the first competition held at a ranch in Aromas, which further surged the popularity of the sport. The idea behind CrossFit is to encourage fitness and functional movements.

Bodybuilding can be traced back to the late 19th century. Men in India would lift weights to improve stamina and build muscles, but it was popularized by Prussian-born strongman Eugen Sandow. Around the 1890s, Eugen won the first competition held in London and was admired for his strength and symmetrical body.

He inspired many bodybuilders to use the dumbbell as exercise equipment, but because they could not achieve the level of his muscular physique, they used modern medicine to achieve the desired bodybuilding muscle mass. Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane gave the sport the popularity we see in the modern era.

Why Do Bodybuilders Hate CrossFit

Here are 10 reasons why bodybuilders hate CrossFit.

1. It Quickly Gained Popularity

CrossFit quickly gained popularity, and it has been extremely successful in the fitness industry. But many bodybuilders and weightlifters are not happy about it. They believe that CrossFit is only a way to get “general fitness.”

2. CrossFit Gyms Are Expensive

Bodybuilders hate CrossFit because they believe that CrossFit gyms are expensive and only for people who want to show off their muscles, not get in shape or improve their strength or endurance.

3. Bodybuilders Believe CrossFitters Act Superior

Many bodybuilders believe CrossFitters act superior because they do things like a deadlift, squat, clean, and jerk.

4. CrossFit Has Questionable Certification Programs

Most gyms don’t have certified trainers, it’s just whoever wants to teach. So CrossFit has become notorious for having a weak and inconsistent certification program. Where people’s bodies are concerned, it’s important to have a properly certified program to standardize the training.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) says that CrossFit can be dangerous if you don’t have proper training or experience with the exercises you’re doing. The NSCA also says that it’s important to be familiar with the proper form when lifting weights, otherwise you could injure yourself or someone else around you.

5. CrossFit Can Cause Rhabdo

A condition called exertional rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo), which damages muscle tissue and can lead to kidney failure, is often associated with CrossFit.

CrossFit workouts are typically short, intense, and varied — meaning they change every day — which is why they can be so effective at improving overall fitness. But it’s easy for newbies to overdo it when starting out.

6. CrossFitters Are Too “Competitive”

Bodybuilders are more interested in building big muscles that they can show off. CrossFitters want to be able to lift heavy things, run fast and jump high. They like to test their strength, speed, and endurance against others in competitions called “WODs” (workout of the day). For this reason, bodybuilders get rubbed up the wrong way and feel crossfitters are too competitive.

7. Bodybuilders Don’t Classify Crossfit as a Sport

Bodybuilders don’t classify CrossFit as a sport. They believe it’s just a bunch of random exercises thrown together, with no rhyme or reason.

8. Bodybuilders Believe Kipping Pull-ups are Ridiculous

With the difference in training methodologies between the two groups being the most obvious, bodybuilders think kipping pullups are ridiculous because they are not considered “functional” enough for the purposes of weightlifting competitions.

9. Bodybuilders Think CrossFit is Dangerous

CrossFit is said to be dangerous because it puts too much stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons — especially if you’re not trained properly — which could lead to injuries like torn muscles or tears in ligaments or tendons.

10. Bodybuilders Just Don’t Understand CrossFit

CrossFit is just misunderstood!

Bodybuilders are creatures of habit and tradition. They do the same things over and over again because it works for them. They don’t need to change because their formula for success has been working for years.

CrossFitters are always looking for new ways to improve themselves and their performance. They’re willing to take risks and try new things, even if those things might not work out or even be dangerous. These two groups have very different mindsets when it comes to training, and that’s why they often clash with each other.


There are many reasons why one would hate CrossFit. But, a lot of the hate stems from unfamiliarity with CrossFit and its community. There is no denying that CrossFit has grown in popularity. It has managed to carve out its own niche in an industry that has been dominated for decades by traditional bodybuilding practices such as weightlifting and nutrition. It may not be for everyone, but it certainly has its perks.


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