The Best Wall Balls for CrossFit  (We Tried Them All! )

Wall balls are similar to the much more commonplace medicine balls (that can be found in most gyms). These large, soft, and often light balls are excellent for improving the overall core strength, balance, and explosive power of an athlete.

The wall balls in particular are amazing for CrossFit workouts and are one of the key movement patterns in the CrossFit syllabus.

You can easily find a wide range of wall balls from different popular shopping websites. However, it can be a bit challenging to find the most suitable ball according to your preferences and budget. And that’s what this post is all about! In this review post, we are going to have a look at the best wall balls easily available and which one you should choose for home or in the gym.

But, before that, let’s have a look at some very important aspects regarding the wall balls and their relevance in CrossFit.

What is the difference between a medicine ball and a wall ball?

A medicine ball will feel similar in size and texture to a basketball, but much heavier. They have a thick rubber exterior that provides the weight and then are inflated with air. A typical medicine ball is much smaller than a wall ball and weighs between 1-50 pounds (22kg) so is much heavier too. A wall ball on the other hand is much larger – typically 14″ (35cm) in diameter. They have a vinyl or synthetic leather exterior that is often stitched with padding underneath to make them feel soft. And are filled with polyester fiber which allows the ball to hold it’s shape without being inflated with air. The size of a wall ball makes them harder to throw than a medicine ball as they have greater air resistance and force the athlete to keep a tall, open thoracic spine.

What are wall balls, and how are they used in CrossFit?

As the name suggests, these types of balls are successfully used for various exercises that require the use of walls in one way or another. Wall balls are expertly designed to absorb a lot of impacts and are usually larger than both medicine and slam balls. These balls are very safe to grasp and through during exercises like CrossFit.

Key Specs:

  • Typical Size – 14″ / 35cm Diameter
  • Typical Weight – 14lb/6kg, 20lb/9kg, 26lb/12kg

How is a ‘wall ball’ performed?

Selecting the appropriate weight of the wall ball is the first and most important task. For CrossFit workouts, the recommended weight is usually 20 lbs for men but you can adjust according to your fitness level, comfort, and preferences. When you are performing CrossFit workouts, you have to try and throw the ball against a wall with different heights marked on it. Once you are done with the suitable weight and the wall, you have to hold the ball up to your chest facing the wall. Drop your body into a squat, ensuring your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then, you have to push up through your heels and try throwing the ball against the wall, maintaining a consistent momentum throughout. Try catching the ball on the rebound and immediately get yourself into the squat position. For the best results, make sure you are not standing 2 far away from the wall. Starting with 7 to 10 reps of up to 3 sets is recommended, and, of course, you can increase the reps and sets going forward.

What weight wall balls do you need for CrossFit?

When it is about choosing the most appropriate weight for wall balls, first of all, you have to take your upper body and core into consideration. The ball must be heavy enough to make things challenging for you, but not light enough to hamper your form and the overall result. Starting with the light ball and progressing slowly but steadily to a heavier ball is the best approach to try and master your CrossFit movements. If you are a beginner, you should start with a considerably lighter weight of 6 to 8 pounds, while people with advanced fitness levels can do CrossFit with wall balls weighing 10 pounds or more.

The RX weight for CrossFit workouts is as follows

Standard Wall-Ball‘Heavy’ Wall-Ball
Men’s RX Weight20lb or 9kg26lb or 12kg
Women’s RX Weight14lb or 6kg20lb or 9kg

What to look for when buying a wall ball

Material Used

When purchasing a wall ball, durability is the most important thing to look for. Always remember that you will be throwing the ball against the wall consistently, and if it is not durable enough, it will start breaking down earlier than you would think. A wall ball made of nylon, vinyl, leather, or synthetic leather is usually highly durable and lasts longer than you would expect. It would be great if you could open the ball from the inside out and properly check the used materials. Don’t forget to recheck if the filling is bulky and tight enough.

Sewing Technique

It is also very important to check if the stitches are good enough, not easily damaged and torn. If you could get the wall ball staged with double or triple reinforcement, it would be a great deal. Some manufacturers are known for using special sewing techniques in addition to double or triple reinforcement stitches. After the first stitching, wall balls from particular brands are folded twice to sew. Wall balls made with this technique are known for their excellent durability and longevity.

Feel / Grip

You will have to throw and catch the ball quite a few times during a single CrossFit session. Despite being quite heavy, a good grip is a very important aspect to look at. Try going for a relatively flexible and soft material, such as vinyl or synthetic leather, as these materials are not only easier to grasp, but to discard as well.


It’s needless to say that you require a well-balanced wall ball. But, what does that mean? The balance of all balls depends heavily on the inner fillings and their even distribution to ensure you don’t move a lot during or after releasing the ball. The evenly balanced ball is also important from a bouncing point of view, as it bounces constantly, and flies straight without turning or spinning.

Impact Absorption

Impact absorption is another very important thing to note. Your wall ball should be good enough at absorbing shocks quite constantly. If that’s not the case, you can struggle while throwing or catching the ball, and you can even suffer from a facial injury. Having a ball with an excellent shock absorption tendency reduces the injury risk to a decent extent.

The 5 best wall balls for CrossFit (in 2022)

1. Rogue Medicine Ball (Best Overall)

Individually manufactured, stitched, and tested by the brand, Rogue Medicine Balls are more than just suitable for high-intensity, high-speed training. Backed by an exclusive 2-year warranty, the brand allows you to select from a wide range of weights from 4LB to 30LB. Irrespective of the weight, all the Rogue balls are featured with scuff-resistant vinyl shells and a standard 14-inch diameter for a comfortable and consistent CrossFit experience. You don’t have to worry about the shape or stitching off the ball even after repeated use. An excellent combination of strength, durability, and softness makes Rogue Medicine Wall one of the best options for both beginners as well as experienced CrossFit trainers.

PRICING: Rogue 4LB Medicine Ball is available @ $75 on the official Rogue website, and the price varies depending on the weight and goes to up to $133 for a ball of 30LB.


  • A standard 14-inch diameter
  • The highly durable vinyl shell coating
  • Scuff and moisture resistant
  • A whole range of weights available
  • Double-stitched nylon threading on heavier balls


2. Premium Wall Ball by Get RX’D

The wall ball by Get RX’D is very popular for its excellent build-up and comfortable design. The ball is prepared by using some of the best, industry-grade materials inside out. And when it comes to overall look and design, the Premium Wall Ball by the brand is right there with the best. And, the best part is, that these balls are fire-resistant, anti-bacterial, water-resistant, and anti-mold. So, you don’t have to overthink when it comes to the durability of this model. Reinforced materials with a double-stitched exterior are more than enough to keep the balls balanced, round, and firm. Without any doubt, the Premium Wall Ball by Get RX’D is one of the best options for beginners.

PRICING: As many as 10 varieties are available with different weights. The premium wall weighing 6LBS is available at $52 while the 30LBS wall ball costs $100.


  • Newly designed, improved interior
  • Fire-resistant, water-resistant, anti-mold, anti-bacterial shell for excellent durability
  • Passed strict, industry-grade balance tests
  • Comfortable and easy to catch
  • Decent bounce off the wall


  • Warranty coverage could have been better.

3. Reebok Soft-Shell Medicine Ball by Dynamax –  Best Value for Money

When it comes to toughness, the Reebok Soft-Shell Medicine Ball by Dynamax is right up there as one of the best. Thanks to a very sturdy vinyl outer layer, it is as tough as it gets. The external surface of the ball is not only about toughness or durability, but it is highly resistant to moisture and scuffing as well. The soft outer shell also makes it surprisingly easy to hold, throw, and catch, even during the long CrossFit sessions. Available at different weights, including 4 to 30 pounds, the wall ball is also known for its wonderful stitching, and hence, you won’t have to worry about firmness and longevity. Thanks to an expertly designed interior, the ball is very good at absorbing impact as well. Last but definitely not least, the ergonomic design keeps the spin neutral for ultimate power and stability.

PRICING: There are three different weight variants available. 6 LBS costs $76.09 and 30 LBS is available at $149.99


  • Ultra-durable, yet very soft outer layer
  • Excellent from a balancing point of view
  • Decent, long-lasting stitching
  • Moisture and scuff resistant
  • Absorbs maximum impact


  • Not very affordable

4. Garage Fit Wall Ball

When it comes to affordability, Garage Fit Wall Ball will automatically find the top place. Designed with premium high-quality synthetic leather, the wall ball from garage fit is extremely durable and tough, and can successfully withstand repeated, high-intensity impacts for a very long time. And, you don’t have to worry about scuffing either while training with the ball. The best part about the ball is it is stitched by the hand of the professionals, and there is almost no chance of seams coming apart unless you cut them with a knife! Ha-ha! Thanks to its excellent impact absorbing capacity, you don’t need to work about getting injured while doing CrossFit! Overall, Garage Fit Ball is very suitable for youngsters who are trying to master the art of CrossFit but can’t spend a lot of money.

PRICING: The starting price is $37.06 for a 4LBS ball, and the 30LBS wall ball is available at $109.00


  • Excellent durability thanks to the synthetic leather material
  • Maximum impact absorbing for reducing injury risks
  • A whole range of weights is available.
  • One of the most affordable options without compromising on the quality
  • Individually stitched for top-notch quality


  • Not the perfect option for sweaty hands

5. JFIT Wall Medicine Ball

Last but definitely not least, the JFIT Wall Medicine Ball is another excellent option to consider. This one is more than suitable for CrossFit training thanks to its decent grip, comfort, and durability – everything you expect from a standard wall ball! The overall design is something you are going to like the most. Made with high-grade synthetic leather, the ball is more than ready to withstand repeated impacts on all types of walls. The synthetic outer layer is also suitable for comfortable dripping, catching, and throwing without worrying about getting hit in your face. Thanks to the double stitching, you can remain absolutely sure about the seams. JFIT is just the perfect brand for highly experienced CrossFit trainers who are now looking for wall balls of more than 30LBS!

PRICING: The range starts from $54.54 for a 6-pound ball and goes to $60.84 for a 30-pound ball


  • Great quality synthetic material design
  • Double stitching for extra strength
  • Tested for quality and balance
  • Very good at absorbing impact
  • Fairly affordable


  • Slippery when the hands are wet


The best ball wall is one that is extremely durable, very good at balancing, and can absorb maximum impact. And if you can keep these parameters along with the options discussed above, you will find the most suitable option for yourself. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, you will find at least one for your CrossFit training. Hopefully, we have got you covered with this detailed, informative review post. If you have anything to suggest or ask, you can, of course, hit the “comments” section.

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