The Best Thumb Tape For Hookgrip and CrossFit

Are you wondering which is the best thumb tape for hook grip or CrossFit? Perhaps you’ve been looking for a thumb tape but couldn’t find a perfect one? 

Don’t fret.

You are about to learn all you need to know about thumb tapes. This article explains what is hook grip is and why using thumb tapes matters.

Let’s dive in:

What is a Hook Grip?

Well, this is an acceptable method for weightlifters to grip a barbell. For instance, in Olympic weightlifting, you have to overlap the index and middle finger over the thumb. The same applies to CrossFit and other heavyweight lifting sports.

Why use Hook Grip?

There are a couple of benefits of using a Hook Grip, but the most notable one is that a Hook Grip allows you to grip a barbell properly and with more power and balance. 

Besides, a Hook Grip is more secure than a traditional overhand grip. First, it prevents the bar from slipping out of your hands. Secondly, it reduces tension on your hands or arms.

What Is Thumb Tape For Hook Grip?

Thump Tape for Hook Grip is a tape most heavy lifting athletes usually use. Not only does the tape protect your hands from getting hurt, but it also gives you strength, especially when you lift heavy weights. Research has proven that you will perform better when wrapping your thumbs with athletic tape than you don’t.

Why is thumb tape crucial for CrossFit? 

Wrapping a tape around is one of the best ways of boosting your body’s natural healing process. Over and above that, it supports and stabilizes your muscles and joints without restricting your movement. For instance, you may want to wrap Kinesio or elastic therapeutic tape on your joints.

As a CrossFitter, you can wear the Kinesio tape on your arms, legs, elbows, or even both knees. This tape allows you to nurse an injury while continuing your training. 

Reasons why every CrossFitter athlete should use a thumb tape:

  • Thumb tape stabilizes joints, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Taping your thumb gives your hands support when lifting weights.
  • Thumb tapes protect CrossFitters against tears.
  • It inhibits pain during activity or when you’re recovering.
  • Thumb tape acts as a protective barrier.

What to look for when buying a thumb tape?

There are specific things that you should look for when you purchase a thumb tape; here are some of them: 

  • The durability of the thumb tape. Will the thumb tape stick on your hand throughout your workout? Or will it slip out when you begin to sweat?
  • Safety: If there is one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, that is your safety. 
  • The length: A perfect thumb tape should be long enough to cover your nails, thumb, and palms.
  • User-friendliness. An excellent thumb tape should be easy to use. 
  • Affordability: Lastly, you should always compare prices and ensure value for your money.

How to use Tape Thumb for Hook?

Using tape thumb for Hook or CrossFit is not always, especially if you will be using it for the very first time. Ask any CrossFitter athlete, and they will confirm this. Working out without taping your thumb or fingers increases the chances of having sore fingers after every strenuous exercise. 

Use the following tips to tape your thumb to Hookgrip:

1. First, use a standard roll of athletic tape. Then rip it down the center. Wrap it slowly, always considering your thumb size and preference. Ideally, your tape should be eighteen inches. 

2. Put the tape underneath your thumb with the rest of the tape hanging towards you. 

3. Always make sure that your thumb remains bent throughout the process. 

4. As you continue wrapping your thumb, cover your thumb forming an X. Keep this in mind: you must leave space to add more layers of tape.

Best Hook Grip Tape and CrossFit 

Let’s take a close look at some of the best Hook Grip tapes that you should consider buying.

1. Liftgenie Thumb Adhesive 

Liftgenie Thumb Adhesive is one of those few weightlifting tapes that is a perfect accessory for the hook grip. It will prevent knurling on your thumbs when lifting heavyweights. It is not only malleable but also allows you to shape your thumb as you see fit. What’s more, it is a durable tape that won’t wear out quickly during your workouts. When you apply it at the start of each session, you are guaranteed to last until the end without a blister on your thumb. 

The average length of the Liftgenie is 22.5 feet, and the width is almost 2 inches. It starts at $12.57. Alternatively, you can buy three tapes for only $47.94.


  • It is available in 8 different colors. And there’s a color for everyone!
  • The roll is 2-inches in width so that you will cover more of your thumb with less.
  • It is relatively easy to apply. All you have to do is peel it to an area on your thumb that you want to cover.
  • It is a high-quality tape. The Liftgenie Thumb Adhesive uses both horizontal and vertical threading for your benefit. 
  • It is comfortable. The Liftgenie has a cushion that keeps your thumb protected against any harm.
  • It sticks on well.


  • The black and gold have poor adhesion.
  • Not perfect for sweaty hands.

2. LYFT-RX Weightlifting Hook Grip 

The LYFT-RX weightlifting tape is one of the best tapes for Hook Grip and CrossFitYou can use it for various exercises, including weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. Use this tape to protect your thumb and the rest of your fingers against getting more blisters and infections.  

Whether you are a professional weightlifter or a CrossFit athlete, you will always benefit from using the LYFT-RX tape. The size of this tape is 19 feet long. A black 1.5-inch long tape starts at $14, whereas a Blue 2-inch costs $15.99.


  • LYFT-RX protects your finger and thumbs against blisters, skin tears, joint sprains, and cuts.
  • It is perfect for cross-training.
  • LYFT-RX comes with a stretchy cotton and spandex material that allows you to move your fingers freely. 
  • It stays on your skin throughout the workout session, regardless of how much you sweat. 
  • It is pretty easy to use. Plus, you don’t have to use any scissors. All you have to do is apply and wrap the tape tightly around your finger.
  • LYFT-RX allows you to maintain a good, solid grip on the bar or barbell. 


  • LYFT-RX may be expensive for some people.


Warm Body Cold Mind 2 is a perfect tape for powerlifting, CrossFit, Hookgrip, and weightlifting. It is 2.44-inch long. The main advantage of using Warm Body Cold Mind 2 is that it has tearable cotton sweatproof. When you use it, you will know that your thumbs, nails, and palm will be protected against all sorts of injuries. It is available in three colors, red, black, and white, and it starts at $13.99.


  • It is easy to tear and use. No need for scissors; you can use your hand to tear it.
  • It provides outstanding protection during Hook Grip.
  • It is 100% cotton!
  • It can absorb sweat and chalk.


  • Expect it to slip off of your thumb from time to time. 

4. LUXIAOJUN Lifting Thumb Tape 2

This tape can also be perfect for Olympic Weightlifting. It is one of those few thumb tapes that does two things simultaneously: It helps with the weight grip and prevents skin injuries.

When you use LUXIAOJUN Lifting Thumb Tape, you will know it will stay in place even during those intensive workouts. Your fingers, nails, wrists, and palm will be protected by this tape, as it covers every area of your hands. It is also great for relieving pain, calluses, and injuries on your skin. Each roll is 19 feet long and 2 inches wide. It costs only $26.99.


  • It absorbs sweat and chalk.
  • You can stretch it to your desired length.
  • It is 100% cotton; therefore, it is comfortable.
  • It is easy to apply.


  • It is one of the expensive thumb tapes.

5. Panda athletics Thumb Tapes

Panda Athletics Thumb Tape is one of the few water-resistant thumb tapes you should check out. This tape can be perfect for heavy lifters, crossfitters, football players, and anyone actively involved in sports. If you are a beginner in weight lifting, you will benefit from using this product because it allows you to hook grip quickly. It has a sticky adhesive that can stay put on your skin during strenuous workouts.

Who else uses Panda Tapes? For powerlifters, crossfitters, weightlifters who need wrist and thumb support when training. Basketball, volleyball, soccer players, and other sports can benefit from using it. It is 6.9 meters wide and 5 centimeters long. It starts at $15,99.


  • It is comfortable on your hand.
  • It is high-quality material.
  • It is highly durable compared to other products.


  • It may not be easy to apply to other people. You may need scissors to cut it.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, whatever thumb tape you go with, always choose what suits your fitness goals and budget well. Remember, the ultimate goal of every thumb tape should protect you; anything beyond that is a bonus.

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