Are Metcon Shoes Good For CrossFit

Crossfit is one of those loved but challenging workouts that are popular. It’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself looking for the best shoe to ensure that you get the most out of your exercises. Experts have a list of shoes that they say are excellent for this sport. 

But, are Metcon shoes part of this list? To find out if these are as good they say they are, you should keep on reading. 

What is Crossfit? 

According to research, Crossfit is a conditioning and strength workout that includes a variety of intense workouts. In other instances, it’s considered a lifestyle with the aim to improve overall health and maintain any fitness goals. The main improvements that it focuses on are your coordination, endurance, flexibility, speed, and strength. 

Nike Metcon Crossfit Shoe Features 

Before you start with your Crossfit training, it’s essential to find the right shoe to help you enhance your performance. Simultaneously, to help you achieve your fitness goals. Nike Metcon trainers are simply what you can find when looking for the best shoes. 

These are innovative and offer you great support. These shoes are designed with your versatile training in mind. The following are the key features of this shoe. 

1. Flywire midfoot technology 

This is innovative technology that had been constructed from only premium quality threads. These provide you with the kind of support precision that you need. Think of these threads as bridge cables that have been suspended on your foot to ensure that it stays stable and supported with every workout you do.

2. Flexibility

You want a shoe that can help you move a lot. A flexible shoe is usually one that has breathable mesh material. Essentially, it should also be waterproof so that it stays protected when training in wet conditions.

3. Mesh material 

The rest of your Metcon shoe will ensure that you get the most out of your Crossfit training. The material that you choose to go for should provide the most protection for your feet. In fact, it should be like armor when you put it on. 

Metcons have material that’s easily breathable, durable, and flexible.

4. Solid base

The sole of your shoe is sturdy. This should provide you with ultimate traction that is ideal for keeping you stable for longer periods. 

5. Types of Insoles 

Having an insole that’s adequately cushioned is very important. This is how you’ll be supported when you engage in high impact exercises. Your Nike Metcon Shoes have the right insole with an arch that suits your foot shape. 

This helps to provide cushioning and comfort for your intense workouts.

Pros of Nike Metcon Shoes 

If you’re looking for durability and optimum stability during an intensive Crossfit workout, this is the shoe for your needs. The following are the main advantages of choosing Metcon shoes for your training. 

  • They provide you with the stable flexibility that you need for various movements during your training. 
  • They offer great support for doing speed and agility drills. This is ideal for short runs and more intense mountain climbing. 
  • It provides enhanced performance for high intensity interval training. 
  • They offer you the utmost comfort despite the type of exercise that you’re doing. 

Cons of Nike Metcon Shoes 

The fact of the matter is that there are drawbacks for anything that you choose to buy. The same goes for your Metcons. According to research, these are the cons of buying these shoes for your Crossfit training. 

  • They lack rebound for workouts with more jumping.
  • They aren’t ideal for running longer distances. 
  • They’re on the pricier side of the training shoe spectrum. 

In summary, your Metcon shoe is a combination of quality materials and sturdy soles. A Crossfit shoe like a Metcon is something worth buying to get the most out of your training. You can buy your Metcon shoes on Amazon when you click here

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