The Best Gymnastics Rings for Crossfit

Gymnastic rings are known simply as rings, Crossfit rings, or still rings, and they are a wonderful part of a gymnastics routine or competition. Gymnastics rings consist of an apparatus made up of two small circles which are suspended by straps attached to an overhead support.

These circles are grasped by a gymnast while they perform various exercises or routines. The rings are made of wood, metal, or plastic and are 1.1 inches thick or in the case of CrossFit rings, 1.25 inches thick with an inner diameter of 7.1 inches.

Crossfit rings are suspended by straps that are 18.8 feet above the floor. The actual rings hang 8.2 ft above the floor.

Gymnastic Rings were invented by german-born Friedrich Jahn, who is known as the father of gymnastics, in the early 19th century. Gymnastic rings have been part of the gymnastics program and have been featured in the Olympic Games since the modern revival in 1896.

Exercises you can Perform on Crossfit Rings

There are a number of exercises you can do on CrossFit rings. There are 14 regular exercises that are usually performed, such as the front lever on rings, Iron Cross, one-arm ring row, Bulgarian pull-ups, ring dips, ring fly, ring handstand, ring L-sit, ring muscle-up, ring pushup, ring rollout, ring pull up, ring rows, and the support position of course.

Three Great Workouts Featuring Rings

There are some really actually workout routines involving rings that you could do when doing CrossFit. Here are three great routines that some athletes use:

“Mary Wod”20 min AMRAP5 Handstands10 Pistol Squats15 Pull ups
“Angie Wod”100 Pull ups100 Push ups100 Sit ups100 Air Squats
“Cindy Wod”20 min AMRAP5 Pull ups10 Push ups15 Air Squats

What to Look for When Buying CrossFit Rings

There are several things to think about if you’re going to get CrossFit gymnastic rings. You will want to think about the size of the ring, the material the ring is made of, and other considerations such as how far the rings should be set apart and how high the ceiling must be to house the rings.

Ring Size

The International Federation of Gymnastics has a standard of 1.1 inches as the preferred width of the rings. Most CrossFit trainers use a width of 1.25 inches, however. The slightly larger ring size will fit most hands comfortably, although for small hands the standard 1.1-inch ring width is optimal.

Ring Material

Rings can be made out of either wood, plastic, or metal. However, most rings are made out of wood because of the gripping ability that comes with this material. Because of the easy-to-grip wood surface, wood is the preferred material for gymnastic rings and should be used whenever possible.

Ring Spacing

Ideally, Crossfit rings should be spaced 50 cm apart from each other while hanging still. This is the spacing that is used in the Olympics and in competitions as well.

Height of Ceiling for Rings

If you are going to install rings on a ceiling, you should have at least 24 ft of height in order to accommodate the ring apparatus. Ceilings lower than 24 feet don’t have enough room to accommodate the apparatus and the clearance for the rings at the appropriate height.

The Best Gymnastics Rings For Crossfit

In order to help you decide what kind of gymnastic rings to get if you are looking to purchase them, we have assembled a list of five types of excellent rings to choose from. The Rogue Fitness ring is the recommended choice among the various selections.  Let’s take a look at these excellent gymnastics rings here:

Rogue FitnessRogue Gymnastic Wood Rings

These Crossfit rings are top of the line and are ideal for any gymnast, whether beginner or advanced. They feature a textured grip-friendly gripping surface that will work without chalk or with chalk. Rogue wood gymnastics rings are built with American craftsmanship for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The rings are easily adjustable and are 1.25 in wide with a 16-foot black strap. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use when the weather permits, although they should not be stored outdoors or used in the rain.

Ring straps are a consumable product and have a one-year warranty, but the rings themselves carry a 2-year warranty 

Rings weigh about 4 lbs each and are made in the USA.

Important features to consider:

  • textured grip-friendly surface
  • excellent choice for any skill level
  • made of natural wood
  • rings are 1.25 inches wide
  • 16-foot black strap option
  • suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • rings weigh about 4 lbs each
  • ring strap comes with 1-year warranty
  • rings themselves have a 2-year warranty
  • proudly made in the USA

Dicks Sporting Goods – Ethos Wooden Training Rings

Designed for total body workouts that help build your upper and lower body while helping to burn fat and increase muscle mass. These rings will help tone your body and work on key muscle groups in a CrossFit regimen.

Ethos rings are made of birch wood to provide a secure grip for various positions while training. They come with metal cam buckles, which are adjustable so you can modify the length of the straps to fit your measurements.

These rings have a highly portable design that is easily set up for either indoor or outdoor use. The ring diameter is 9.25 in and the rings are 1.25 inches wide. The strap dimensions are 19.8 inches long by 1.5 in wide.

Features include:

  • designed for total body workouts
  • ideal for beginners
  • black metal buckles included
  • adjustable straps
  • suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • natural birch wood construction
  • 1.25 in wide rings
  • straps are 19.8 ft long and 1.5 in wide

GetRXD1.25 inch Wood Rings

These are competition grade wood rings that measure 1.25 inches wide. These rings weigh about 10.5 ounces each and have an outer diameter of 9.25 inches. 

They come with optional quick ring straps with a dual carabiner hook system that permits easy stress-free adjustments in 3 inch increments. This quick ring strap system eliminates the strap buckle design that is traditionally associated with gymnastic rings. 

The sleek design of this quick ring strap eliminates slack. These quick ring straps measure 102 inches in length and are adjustable in fully extended 3-inch increments.

Features of interest:

  • competition grade wood rings
  • rings are 1.25 inches wide
  • rings weigh 10.5 ounces each
  • rings have a 9.25-inch diameter
  • optional quick ring straps with dual-carabiner hook system
  • ring straps measure 102 inches in length
  • ring straps are adjustable in 3-inch increments 

TangaMagnifiq Birch Wood Gymnastics Rings with Adjustable Straps 14.8 ft Long

These wonderful gymnastics rings are made of a natural wood that has a great load-bearing capacity. Magnifiq rings are designed for years of use for any exercise level in any setting at home or elsewhere.

These CrossFit rings come with straps that will confidently permit you to have a full-body workout and target all of your muscle groups. They feature safer numbered ring straps which are durable and easy to set up and fabricated with high-strength nylon braiding.

These rings have wider ring straps that measure 1.5 in wide and they include a heavy-duty black metal buckle. The finely polished wooden gymnastics rings are fabricated with natural birch and are 1.1 in thick. They feature a comfortable, smooth grip with never any splintering.

These Crossfit rings meet the standards of the International Gymnastics Federation and come with a 30-day warranty.

  • ideal for gymnastics workouts of all kinds
  • extremely durable natural Birch fabrication
  • long-lasting life for years of use
  • ring straps are 1.5 in wide
  • heavy-duty black metal buckle
  • 1.1 in thick with a comfortable, smooth grip
  • Meets standards of the International Gymnastics Federation
  • 30-day warranty included

Titan Fitness

32 mm Wood Olympic Gymnastic Rings – 1.5 inches with Heavy-duty Thick Straps and Buckle

Titan fitness rings are made from durable, heavy duty wood for a long-lasting life and can support a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. The rings feature a total diameter of 9.25 inches with the interior dimensions being 8 inches. 

These wonderful rings are 1.25 in thick and have a weight of approximately 4 lb. Rings are extra wide for a comfortable grip that is firm and sure. Titan rings also feature cam buckles and straps that measure 1.5 inches in width and are extra long at approximately 15 ft.  

Notable features of these rings include:

  • ideal for gymnastics training
  • adjustable straps
  • cam buckles 
  • supports weight up to 600 lbs
  • durable heavy-duty wood construction
  • total weight 4 lb each
  • approximately 1.25 in wide
  • 8-inch inner diameter
  • straps are approximately 15 ft long
  • one-year warranty included
  • financing available

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