The Best Peg Boards For CrossFit (Read Before Buying!)

Fitness training is something which is taken by most people. It is not only for the sole purpose of being strong or maintenance of body shape, but sometimes, it is also about the inner satisfaction and the happiness that fitness training brings to a person. And if you are one of the fitness freaks, you must be knowing the importance of pegboards. The only purpose for training with pegboard is to make you strong. And it is one of the rarest activities that keep the motive of only strong body build-up so that a person can handle any challenging task however strenuous it is.

Training with pegboards can be done in regular gyms but people interested in sports may need some special types of equipment too. Hence, today, in this article readers who are interested in pegboard training will get much of an important knowledge gain. This article shall further discuss what pegboards are, what are the uses of pegboards in CrossFit, the types of workouts that have CrossFit games previously captured, the sizes of the pegboards used in the CrossFit, the type of muscle training, strength build-up using pegboards, what to look for in a pegboard, types of pegboards and ultimately how to install a pegboard at home. Now, let us get started

What is a pegboard and what are the uses of pegboards in CrossFit?

Pegboards are the special types of equipment that are built for any kind of strength-based workout session. Analysis of different gym equipment has shown that pegboards are better for muscle gain as compared to rope climbing, pull-up variations, or muscle-ups.

A pegboard increases the stability of a body. During any workout session with pegboards, it acts as a support, thereby helping you to maintain your body tension keeping the muscles in perfect harmony. Apart from muscle training sessions with pegboard for muscle, it helps in the stimulation of smaller muscles and helps to build in the strengths of the muscle joints.

 Apart from its regular uses, let us talk about some of the uses of pegboards in CrossFit. And also, regardless of the uses of pegboards muscle build-up, let us talk about some of the types of workouts and games where pegboards have been seen beforehand. CrossFit pegboard workouts test a person’s physical and mental strengths. It has been used for the pedal to metal CrossFit games workout in the year 2015. And as you can see how useful pegboard training can be in CrossFit games, moving on again in the year 2018, it has been used in the Aeneas CrossFit games.

CrossFit WODs which feature pegboards


In this type of workout, a pegboard is used which the trainee uses for pull-ups. One peg is to be kept at a higher position and the other one at a lower position. Now, you have to perform pull-ups for your strength build-up. After you are done with one side, the swap. Say if you were doing pulls ups in the first round with your left hand at the higher position, then in the next round, swap it by putting your right hand at a higher position. This will not only scale up your ability but will also provide a steady workout for your entire body.

Pedal to Metal [CrossFit Games]

If you are a beginner at pegboards, then start building up your strength with the pedal to metal CrossFit games. It is a great workout for the initial stage of workout for any beginner. How does it work? In this type of CrossFit workout, there is the involvement of the dumbbell squat snatches which helps in testing your muscles giving them a strength gain.   

Jacob Heppner’s Pegboard Workout

Keep the levels of the pegs at a stagnant, and try to pull yourself, using your body weight. And now try moving from one side to another, again using your body strength. In this type of exercise solely, just you need to move your body, the legs and the arms specifically function the most.

Now, it is evident that workouts involving pegboards need a lot amount of strength, which brings us to our next point- what can I do to be able to build strength to do a pegboard. 

What are the benefits of using a pegboard for a workout?

As is seen previously in this article that a pegboard can be beneficial to a person for different reasons when it comes to workouts. From Helping in muscle to body strength, a pegboard is helpful in a lot number of ways. Now, let us see the various other benefits of using a pegboard for a workout.

  • Specifically if you are a weight lifter, by profession, then try out your workout sessions with pegboards. It will help you gain an immense amount of growth in your muscles.
  • Since pegboard helps in the overall body functioning, it helps in the overall blood circulation, which not only helps keep our body fit but also gives us a healthy glow from within.
  • Pegboard also target the smaller muscles of our body, which are usually overlooked by the regular weight exercises or by the free weights.
  • Let us consider an example. In many athletes, it is seen that the Teres Major which is located just below the shoulder blade underdeveloped. So when you start working out with a pegboard, it helps in the overall rotation and movement of the Teres Major, thereby also helping in solving any muscle problems of the shoulder.
  • If you are training with pegboards regularly, it will help you in the prevention of any kinds of injuries, providing a full-body strength workout.
  • Studies have shown, that pegboard help in the upper body training by providing an intense physical exercise.

What to look for when buying a pegboard?

Look for these qualities if you have decided to buy pegboards:

1. Consider checking on the holes 

Before checking on the hooks of a pegboard, the essential thing that you should look for is the holes in the pegboard. Sometimes some hooks are not of the standard size, so better to know them. They mostly come in 1/8 inches. ¼ inches or 3/12 inches. Look for the size before buying.

2.Consider checking the quality of the pegboard.

What is the use of an investment if it doesn’t yield its worth or value? Pegboards these days are made of resin and compressed wood fibre, and then it is coated with a skinny layer of oil. Masonite pegboard is the most available pegboard that is found in the markets. These types of pegboards are cost-effective and highly durable.

The five best pegboards for CrossFit (2022)

Let us discuss the five best pegboards for CrossFit in the year 2022:

Rogue Peg Board [Best Overall!]

The pegboard measures a thickness of 1.5″ along with 95.625” height and 11.75” width. The length measures 6.5” and the diameter 1.19”. The pegboard Being made of maple or pine gives a polyurethane finish and adds long-lasting durability to the product. It has the best value for money costing just $190.00. It is not much heavy just weighing 38LB. To get hold of the product, click here.


  • Built of high-quality maple or pine tree wood
  • Provides long-lasting durability
  • Has the best value for money


  • Not for people with sweaty hands

Xebex Peg Board

The pegboard measures 71″x12″x1.5″ with a diameter of 1″ and a length of 6”. It weighs 31 lbs and costs $170. The product is one of the best pegboards that will ever cross a beginner and comes with the longest lifespan because of its amazing durability due to the wooden dowels. It also includes mounting hardware and good-quality plywood. Click here to place your order today.


  • Longest lifespan
  • Made of good-quality plywood
  • Beginner-friendly


  • The price could have been a bit less

Synergee Wooden Hang Board/Climbing Board 

The Synergee wooden hang board is not just a climbing wall made of rock but is also a board thatccan be hung on the doorway for daily persistent use. You can easily use this hanging board that comes from four-finger pockets to one-finger pockets ranging from 0.60” inches deep to 1.58” inches deep. This synergee wooden board is made of extremely good quality plywood that weighs 2.5 pounds and measures ‎21.3 x 1.8 x 5.9 inches. The product guarantees 100% satisfaction to the customers with a selling price of $69.95. if you find our review too hard to believe, then try it out yourself, pretty sure, it won’t disappoint you. And don’t you worry about the installation, it is easy to install, given it is a doorway climbing board. Click here to avail it soon.


  • High-quality plywood
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Sweat-proof


  • Built for home-based workout sessions

Morgan 2.5m Climbing Pegboard- Best Overall

If you are in search of something that is going to enhance your body strength for a gymnastic or functional purpose, then Morgan 2.5m climbing pegboard is one of the best pegboards for you to buy. It comes with thirty-five placement holes along with the supply of six additional fixing holes. The Morgan 2.5m climbing pegboard measures 250cm in height, 30cm in width and 4cm in thickness. The users will have the advantage of moving it vertically, horizontally or obliquely. The cost of the pegboard is $262.50. Try it out now to get the experience of this pegboard filled with the awesomeness of professionalism.


  • Can be mounted at any angles
  • Helps to provide a ninja-like obstacle course
  • Built for gymnastic and functional purposes
  • Super durability and high-quality making


  • Too heavy to lift

Ultra Fitness Gear 51-inch Climbing pegboard

If you are looking for something to build up your gymnastic skills and train you in climbing, then this is it. This pegboard not only will enhance your skills as an athlete but will also add variety to your workout sessions. Being made of high-quality birch plywood, the pegboard measures 51.3’ in length and 12’  in width including the standard dowels and the hardware for concrete mounting. The item weighs 10 kg 300 gm and has a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars, so, now you know what suits the best, don’t you?


  • Made of high-quality birch plywood
  • Intensifies upper body workout
  • Promotes cardiovascular health


  • Not beginner-friendly  

How to install a peg board at home

Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to install a pegboard at home:

  1. You have to cut the board according to the size that you would feel comfortable in doing your workout sessions. Measure a particular pattern and size and then find the right place to fix it.
  2. Now drill holes in your wall for the peg board to fit in
  3. The next step is to create the backing so that the dowels get fit into the pegboards entirely and protect your hands from getting pinched
  4. Now the pegboard is to be attached to the backing. By using wood glue or any strong adhesive clamp the boards together while it is drying or else to keep the boards pressed use a heavy object.
  5. Create the support beams which you have to make by using some stringers. Take the help of screws to screw up the pegboard at the back.  
  6. Lastly, now attach your pegboard to the wall where you have marked up.

Follow these simple steps, and voila, the pegboard at your home is ready.

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