Is Nocco Good? (Nocco energy drink review)

After a long, intense workout, every cross-fitter wants an energy drink to rehydrate. Most people, especially those who love fitness, agree that the Nocco brand has the best re-energizing beverages worldwide. Despite having so many competitors, the brand has remained the best.

In this article, we will answer the question ‘Is Nocco good?’ and discuss different Nocco drinks which are becoming very popular. Have you ever wondered whether Nocco is good? Make sure you read it mindfully to the very end.

The Nocco backstory

Before we go ahead and discuss all you need to know about Nocco drinks, let us start with a little bit of background information.

Nocco is a sweet energy drink manufactured by a Swedish health and exercise-oriented firm that deals with no carbs. The company launched its first-ever products in December 2014. After being found, the brand grew so fast, even overtaking popular brands like Monster and Redbull. In 2019, it made its debut in the US and is now available in the entire nation.

Currently, the no-carb drink is available in more than 24 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Nocco is the initials for No Carbs Company.

All Nicco products are sugar-free and have added vitamins and some branched amino acids. The BCAA contained in energy helps in muscle building, and that is why it made its first big break in Swedish gyms. The amino acids are why you can easily spot a Nocco energy drink in a gym wherever the brand marketers have reached.

The different types and flavors of Nocco

Currently, Nocco has seven different types and flavors of caffeinated drinks. These drinks and flavors include:

  • Passion-passion fruit
  •  Miami strawberry
  •  Tropical- tropical fruits
  • Caribbean-pineapple 
  • Red berries- raspberries, blackberry 
  • Ice soda-cool/cloudy lemonade
  • Leimon the sol- lemon

The brand also had an orange flavor which was discontinued for some reasons known to the company.

All these types and flavors are readily available on the market. If you are an avid cross-fitter, you can buy them to re-energize post-workouts.

All Nocco drinks consist of a recommended daily intake, as illustrated below.

Vitamin D -100% RDA

Vitamin B6 – 100% RDA

Vitamin B12 -100% RDA

Niacin – 80% RDA

Folic Acid – 50% RDA

Caffeine – 180mg


BCA 4:1:1 leucine,valine and isoleucine – 300mg

Ingredients used in making Nocco drinks.

Several ingredients make Nocco energy drinks effective for intake and cross-fitters. Some of the ingredients involved are:

  • Carbonated water
  • Branched-chain Amino Acids
  • Vitamins
  • Sweetener
  • Coloring (beta-carotene)
  • Acidity regulators
  • flavoring (lychee, Apple)

These ingredients ensure that the energy drinks meet all the required daily intake to give cross-fitters energy. All Nocco drinks contain 180 mg of caffeine except for one caffeine-free drink with 200mg of caffeine. Also, there are PWO products, but there are more gym supplements.

How do Nocco drinks taste? (review)

Nocco drinks have over seven different flavors, and they are highly carbonated. All flavors are sugar-free and don’t have any carbs. Their taste may differ due to the sweeteners and flavors used. 

They contain essential ingredients like carbon water, Vitamins, and branched Amino Acids that help the body function well. Also, these ingredients aid in stress removal. If you have a bad day, you could take a can of Nocco drink. Some people find some flavors sweet and more potent than others. It is advisable to try a flavor by buying one piece before purchasing the whole pack.

When should one drink Nocco?

You can drink Nocco drinks at any time of the day. You can take it before or after doing exercise. Also, you can take an energy drink when you feel fatigued or after exercising. The caffeine in energy drinks has a lot of RDA that gives one energy. The International Society of Sport gave a statement after doing thorough research on energy drinks that says that when you consume an energy drink 10-60 minutes before undertaking an exercise, it will help to improve your mental health and alertness throughout the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Nocco brand and Nocco drinks.

Is Nocco good?

Nocco drinks are one of the best energy drinks. The brand has different flavors, which are excellent and well-balanced. The caffeine intake is perfect and can re-energize during a pre or post-workout session. Despite the Nocco brand being so costly, they are worth every penny. Avid fitters who know the importance of taking a Nocco drink have no problem with even paying extra money to have the drink.

Does Nocco contain any calories?

A can of Nocco energy drink contains 15 calories. They mostly come from protein contents found in the BCAA.

Is Nocco better than FitAid?

FitAid and Nocco are competitors of energy drink companies. FitAid is a natural supplement drink by Life Aid, while Nocco is a Swedish energy drink containing Branched amino acids. They both have a good reputation in the market. Nocco beverages are highly carbonated, while FitAid is densely carbonated.

Also, FitAid energy drinks are made using natural ingredients like green tea. They are both excellent, and it’s hard to compare which is better than the other one. However, their prices range at almost the same level in terms of pricing.

Can I drink Nocco every day?

Yes, you can take Nocco daily before or after your workouts, but you are only recommended to take at most two cans of Nocco. The energy drink is 180 mg caffeinated, the same as two glasses of coffee. Also, each can of Nocco drink contains 50% of the daily recommended intake, so it will be 100% the RD when you take two. Taking more than two might be dangerous to your health.

Are Nocco drinks bad? 

Like a coin, everything has good and wrong sides. Despite NOCCO drinks being good, they can also be harmful when taken in excess. It is recommended to take two cans a day. 

Taking Nocco in excess might be addictive due to caffeine in the energy drink. Also, they can bring other health conditions like dental and mental problems.

Where can I buy a NOCCO drink?

Nocco market growth has increased, although they haven’t gone entirely global. If you reside in countries like Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, they are available in shops. 

You can also order from online stores like Amazon since they deliver worldwide. Also, friends residing in those countries can buy them for you and send them through courier services. 

How much Caffeine is in a Nocco drink?

Nocco energy beverage has 16.11mg of caffeine per fl oz (54.49 mg per 1000ml). A 300ml can of Nocco energy drink has 180 mg of caffeine.

Should I have my Nocco before my workouts?

You can choose to have your Nocco energy drink before or after the workout. If you decide to take it before your exercises, you are advised to take it between 10-30 minutes before the activities. It will keep you energized and also improve your body’s metabolism.


Is Nocco good? As we conclude this article, it is clear that Nicco drinks are good. They provide cross-fitters with extra energy after intense exercise. Also, it is advisable to drink only two cans of Nocco per day since each can contains 50% of the recommended RDA.

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