Are Converse Shoes Good For CrossFit? (Explained!)

Like us, you’ve probably seen plenty of fitness influences and athletes training in Converse shoes. But are these actually suitable for CrossFit?

There are specific shoes that are perfect for CrossFit, but all have their tade-offs. In some aspects, Converse actually perform better than some purpose built CrossFit shoes. So what’s the catch? In this article, we will highlight some characteristics of those shoes.

But before we dive in, let’s clear this right away: 

Why do you need good shoes for CrossFit?

Working out at CrossFit involves a lot of strenuous training sessions, from jumping, sprinting, lifting heavy weights, and more. So it goes without saying that you’d need quality shoes to do any of those movements. Ideally, the best shoes for CrossFit should have the following features:

  1. Stability: The shoes should be highly stable for sprinting, lifting weights, jumping, and more.
  2. A firm heel: The CrossFit proper shoes should have a solid heel to support your feet well. It would help if the shoe had a minimal drop as well. A great example of good CrossFit shoes with a firm heel is a Reebok Nano X
  3. Sweat absorption. The best shoes should allow airflow and absorb sweat. A great example of shoes with the best airflow and sweat absorption is Nike Metcon, which is also suitable for running.
  4. The right fit: This study has found that there is only one predictor of whether a shoe could reduce injury risk: comfort. So if the shoe snugs your feet right and feels comfortable, it’ll work for CrossFit as well. 
  5. The right shoes should be quality: If a shoe is of inferior quality, it may not be suitable for CrossFit strenuous work. 

Are Converse good for CrossFit?

While Converse shoes may not be suitable shoes for running, they can be the best shoe for your foundational program. One of the best things about a Converse shoe is its flat heel. It offers stability that you will need when you do squats and other similar workouts.

Exercises you can do in a Converse shoe:

According to this doctor of podiatric medicine, there are only three exercises that you can do wearing a Converse shoe: squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. That means a Converse shoe may not be the perfect shoe for running. If you don’t believe us try running in them, and your feet are likely to throb in pain.

Benefits of wearing a Converse shoe for training: 

  • Flat soles: The flat sole of the Converse shoe makes them perfect for aerobics.
  • Excellent ankle support: There is a good reason why most powerlifters prefer wearing Converse shoes. They realized early on that wearing a flat shoe like a Converse supports their ankles perfectly.
  • Affordability: One of the significant benefits of wearing Converse shoes is that they don’t cost much. Expect to pay as little as $21 for a pair of Converse shoes.

Final Thoughts 

Remember, while it’s possible to do CrossFit in Converse, they offer less comfort than Nike Metcons. This is because Converse offers more minor cushioning on your feet. That said, Converse shoes are helpful for several strength movements, including deadlifting and low-bar back squatting. Some boxers wear them when they do cardio and exercises. 

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