Why Is Crossfit So Popular? (8 Reasons Why!)

Just about anyone and everyone who participates in some form of exercise has heard the term “CrossFit”. You probably have numerous friends, family, or social media contacts who participate almost daily in CrossFit. Perhaps you have even taken a class or two, or are a fan and regular practitioner of Cross Fit.

CrossFit has exploded in popularity over the past 20 or so years. The first CrossFit gyms opened in the year 2000 when the CrossFit company was incorporated. By 2020, over 15,000 CrossFit gyms existed. We’re going to cover a number of topics as to why CrossFit is one of the very most popular workouts and fitness lifestyles in this country as well as worldwide.

Let’s first discuss what CrossFit is, by definition. CrossFit is a series of exercises that are typically done in one-hour settings. The CrossFit gyms these workouts are done in are usually referred to as “boxes”. The CrossFit lifestyle is characterized by simple, varied, safe methods of working out, coupled with balanced nutrition that features low to no carbs, plenty of protein, and a moderate amount of fruits, nuts, seeds, and various other healthy foods.

Let’s discuss some of the main reasons CrossFit is so popular with so many people. Between the types of exercises you can participate in, the healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as the many supporting people, communities, and number of gyms available to use, there are many reasons to get excited about CrossFit. Here are some reasons to be excited about CrossFit.

1. The Types of Workouts and Exercises CrossFit Offers

CrossFit mainly uses workouts based on aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and Olympic weight training. These are variable in nature and can be fine-tuned to the participant’s age, fitness level, motivation, and physical limitations. There are many workouts and most CrossFit gyms incorporate a WOD, or “Workout of the Day” into their classes. This keeps things interesting and not repetitive and boring.

2. The Healthy Lifestyle of Getting Off the Couch and Getting Off the Carbs

One key component of any type of exercise regimen is healthy eating coupled with your workout activity. When you combine eating healthier foods with physical exercise and activity, weight loss and better overall health can happen. Part of the CrossFit philosophy is eliminating or cutting way back on carbs. A higher protein diet paired with eating more vegetables, seeds, and nuts, as well as moderate amounts of fruit leave most people feeling more energetic and ready to participate in CrossFit exercises and activities.

3. CrossFit Support Communities

One aspect of CrossFit that most of its participants seem to enjoy very much is the support from the CrossFit community. Whether it’s the instructors and people you get to know at your local box or the online community around the world, you have strength in numbers. Participants tend to be very complimentary and encouraging about your workouts and the results that come from staying active and healthy. Having that support system keeps CrossFit participants happy and loyal to their healthy lifestyle.

4. Participant Demographics

Many CrossFit participants find that they have similar types of people engaging in their lifestyles. A recent survey found that the male and female percentages of participants to be almost exactly equal, 50-50. Also, having a wide range of younger, middle-aged, and older people involved makes the classes feel comfortable for many. There isn’t an awkwardness of feeling out of place in most CrossFit classes. Feeling like you fit into a group at your box makes you more likely to enjoy CrossFit and stick with it long-term.

5. Easy To Find Locations That Offer CrossFit

Since the first CrossFit gym opened in 2000, there have been over 15,000 additional CrossFit gyms, also known as “boxes”, that have opened up nationwide. More and more local gyms are getting their CrossFit certifications every year, as the method and lifestyle continue to expand in popularity. Chances are, you have a local gym close to you or within a shorter driving distance that offers up the CrossFit experience.

6. The Variety of CrossFit Exercises Allows for Better Results

Because CrossFit exercise routines are not dependent upon just the limited number of machines in the average gym, there are almost limitless numbers of exercises available to the CrossFit participant. When you vary your workout routines often, it keeps your body guessing. This allows you to build muscle and burn fat more easily, yielding better results. It also relieves the CrossFit participant of the boredom often associated with doing the same workouts constantly.

7. The CrossFit Games Are Now Televised Each Year

CrossFit has had a surge in popularity due in part to The CrossFit Games. The first CrossFit games took place in 2007. They have been televised since 2011, when ESPN first broadcast the games. Prize money has been raised exponentially over the years, from $500 at the first CrossFit games to $300,000 in prize money at the most recent one. All of this additional media exposure through television and internet videos has given CrossFit a huge push in popularity and helped grow the sport.

8. CrossFit Is Time-Efficient

When you ask people some of the main reasons they don’t work out with regularity, one of the most frequently given answers is, “I just don’t have the time to work out.” For some, this may be true. For most, it’s just an excuse for other reasons they choose not to take care of their physical health. CrossFitters enjoy getting a 1-hour workout done in a relatively quicker timeframe than the average gym participant. They are able to do much more during their time in their box than some do during a traditional workout at a regular gym.

If you’ve heard about CrossFit constantly and have been curious to see what it’s all about, check into a local CrossFit box today. You may find that the workouts are fun, different, and yield better results than anything else you’ve tried at traditional, average gyms. Check out a few videos online or visit a CrossFit-related website for additional information. It’s worth looking into to help care for your physical health and have a fun, healthy activity to participate in.

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