The Best Wedding Rings For CrossFit and Weightlifting

Looking for a wedding ring that won’t interfere with your CrossFit and weightlifting can be more difficult than you first though. Especially once you learn the potential dangers that go along with metal rings. Wearing metal rings opens yourself up to potential risks to your fingers and hand. Because of these risks, many people in active careers, such as firefighters, mechanics, healthcare workers, police officers, and fitness instructors, have ditched their metal rings in favor of silicone ones. 

Should you wear your ring when working out?

Whether or not you should wear your ring when working out depends on what type of workout you are doing. For workouts where your hands are involved, such as weightlifting, consider either taking the ring off or switching to a silicone ring, since you open yourself up to potential harm caused by a metal ring. Unlike metal rings, silicone rings can easily break or snap when pressure is applied to them. This means if your silicone ring gets caught on a piece of exercise equipment, it will snap off instead of causing serious harm to your finger. If you’re performing a workout that doesn’t use your hands much, such as running, then wearing your ring typically won’t cause any issues. 

The dangers of wearing a wedding ring at the gym.

Ring avulsion occurs when your ring is caught on an object and then gets pulled off suddenly. The pressure and force caused by the ring being pulled can damage and even strip off your finger tissues, tendons, muscles, and bones. While ring avulsion isn’t considered common, it does happen. In fact, Jimmy Fallon, the host of the late night talk show “The Tonight Show” discussed the issue in 2015. He revealed that surgeons worked for over 6 hours on his finger when his metal ring got snagged on the edge of the countertop as he fell.

Silicone rings are not only more comfortable and breathable than metal rings, but they are also flexible, which means they can bend and break when excessive pressure is applied. This comes in handy when your ring becomes snagged on a piece of equipment. 

How to protect your ring from getting damaged while lifting weights.

Lifting weights while wearing your ring can potentially damage the jewelry, causing it to become scratched, nicked, and broken. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help protect the ring from damage while lifting weights. 

  • Switch to a silicone ring. Silicone rings provide a slew of benefits for the wearer. Not only are they more affordable than metal rings, but they are more comfortable and safer.
  • Use a ring protector. Ring protectors are made from either silicone or rubber, and they are designed to keep your ring from moving while you are using exercise equipment or lifting weights.
  • Keep your ring in your bag. Before working out, take your metal ring off and place it in your gym bag. This will keep the ring safe and let you focus on your workout.
  • Ask a trusted friend to hold it for you. If you have a workout buddy, ask them to keep hold of your ring while you are lifting weights.

Our top 8 silicone wedding rings for crossfit and weightlifting

Below we have compiled the top 8 silicone wedding rings that are ideal for CrossFit and weightlifting. This list not only includes popular brands but also rings that are more budget-friendly. 

  1. Groove Life Solid Silicone Copper Ring – Groove Life is one of the most popular brands of silicone rings, and it is often called the best wedding ring for Crossfit. Groove Life offers various designs, including ones featuring Marval, DC Comics, and the NFL. This Solid Silicone Copper Ring is simple, yet effective with a more traditional look similar to metal rings.
  2. Qalo Men’s Polished Step Edge Ring – Qalo was founded in 2013 and their name stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. This company has been around a couple years longer than Groove Life, and was the first company to manufacture silicone rings.The Polished Step Edge Ring has a flat silhouette for a more minimalistic look and a step edge to bring the appearance up a notch. 
  3. SafeRingz Titan Silicone Ring – SafeRingz doesn’t have the vast number of different designs as Groove Life or Qalo, but their quality is high and their fans would say this is the best wedding ring for weightlifting. The Titan Silicone Ring has a 9MM band, making this ring an ideal choice for those who want something more than the thinner rings. 
  4. Thunderfit Women Eternity Ring– Thunderfit offers hypoallergenic silicone rings in various styles and colors. They have rings for both men and women, and even sell them in a bundle pack in case you want a variety of colors to match your outfits.
  5. Enso Rings Star Wars Lightsaber Collection – You may have seen Enso Rings on the TV show Shark Tank. While this company didn’t secure a deal on the show, they did go on to become popular, selling over 500 rings a day. Their Lightsaber Collection is perfect for when you want to show off your geek side while working out. The rings are available in various colors, depending on whether you want to be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. 
  6. Maui Silicone Rings – Maui Rings have fewer designs to choose from, but their price tag is a bit lower than the other brands listed. Despite their lower price, Maui Rings still provide a durable and comfortable alternative to metal rings. 
  7. Egnaro Inner Arc Rings – Another budget-friendly option, this brand provides the same benefits of other silicone ring brands but with a lower price tag. They also offer their rings in half sizes, which is great for those people who are between ring sizes. Their Inner Arc ring features a step edge surrounding its flat silhouette. You can purchase just one ring or a pack of 4 in various colors.  
  8. ROQ Hunter Ring – ROQ rings are ideal for people on a budget. They offer a solid selection of various designs and types of silicone rings, with many of them coming in at under $10 a piece. The Hunter ring is a little over $10, but the band features a cutout design of trees, mimicking the forest. 


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