How Much Does CrossFit Cost? (Full Breakdown)

Are you wondering how much CrossFit costs? Perhaps you’re about to relocate to another country, out of the United States. And you want to compare prices before you pack your gym gear? Don’t fret. We’re about to make things a tad easier by comparing membership prices. 

CrossFit is now available in many countries, including developing countries, too. You can now probably find many CrossFits in your city, especially if you live in a densely populated city like New York. 

Before we dive in and compare prices, let’s clear this right away:

Why is Crossfit membership different?

The first thing you’ll notice at once about CrossFit is that it is not like your typical gym. It is not where you come in, put on headphones, and start exercising without talking to anyone. Here you don’t come for routine exercises. But to train hard. And by training hard, we mean high-intensity training sessions with a coach by your side. Sounds luxurious? Well, it looks like a luxury to some. 

This uniqueness explains the high membership price, which some people believe to be unreasonable. (More about the fees later.)

CrossFit includes dynamic exercises such as kettlebells, Olympic weight lifting, explosive weight lifting sessions, and plyometric jumping.

  • CrossFit helps you to improve your physical strength.
  • CrossFit enables you to improve your aerobic fitness.
  • CrossFit allows you to improve balance, agility, and flexibility.
  • And most importantly, it helps you burn more calories and manage your weight. We can go on and on about CrossFit’s other benefits. 

Here is how the CrossFit membership is different from typical gyms:

Starting out

If you visit a CrossFit box for the first time, chances are you’ll be allowed to try it for free. Once you get an idea of how CrossFit works, then you’ll be expected to start with what they call an “on-ramp program. It is a foundation program suitable for newbies that offer between 3 and 20 sessions.

This program introduces you to intensive training sessions slowly. What we like most about those on-ramp sessions is that you won’t be sweating it out on your own. A coach will be beside you—guiding you on what you should do next. And closely assessing your fitness level, and suggesting the best ways of improving it.

How much does CrossFit cost?

A couple of things determine how much you will be paying at CrossFit. For instance, the pricing that CrossFit uses varies from box to box. Or the number of sessions you’ll receive and the kind of program you’re in.

 While the prices tend to be higher, CrossFit memberships are slightly less compared to personal trainer fees. The average price of a Crossfit membership in the USA ranges from $75 to $225 per month.

Compared to $50 to $70 per hour for a personal trainer, that adds up to $2800 per month. Remember, membership prices vary from city to city or country to country. For instance, if you are in New York, expect to pay a Crossfit membership fee of around $299, whereas, in Arkansas, you will pay $140; in California. You’ll spend $179, and DC you’ll pay, and $183 in Rhode Island.

That said, there are times when you won’t have to pay the average CrossFit membership rate. Like when you’re on vacation, you’ll pay a drop-in rate. The drop-in rates usually range from $12 to $20. 

Why Is CrossFit so expensive?

Most people often ask if it is worth using a CrossFit box. My answer is a resounding yes! One of the reasons it costs slightly more than a gym is that it gives you access to a personal coach—someone who will invest time in helping you improve your overall fitness. Interestingly, most CrossFit’s coaches undergo thorough training. Most of them have a CrossFit L-1 Certification.

How different is CrossFit from a gym franchise?

CrossFit is not a franchise. All CrossFit gyms are free to run their boxes as they please. Three key things set them apart from gym franchises:

  • All CrossFit centers have highly experienced coaches.
  • All facilities have advanced equipment.
  • They offer training sessions, not exercises.

On the other hand, gyms like  Anytime Fitness have franchises spread across the country. Still, members have to pay an extra fee for a personal trainer. No coach will be assessing their fitness or helping them improve. 

The same applies to Planet Fitness, which targets the American and Canadian populations who don’t have gym memberships. Planet Fitness has over 1,800 gyms across all 50 states, along with Canada, but there you can’t find a single coach there. Other gyms similar to Planet Fitness include Crunch Fitness, Pure Barre, F45, and Orange Theory.

How much does CrossFit cost in other countries?

Some countries are more expensive than others. For instance, when you’re in Hong Kong, expect to pay an average monthly price of $315.63. Whereas in Argentina, you can pay as little as $34. 

Let’s take a close look and see how CrossFit fees differ from country to country.

1United States $155
2. New Zealand$151
3. Switzerland$143
4. Germany $136.62
10.Netherlands $107
11.Reunion Island$106
14.Argentina $34

What CrossFit boxes are the most expensive?

Every CrossFit has a different variety of boxes. Each box caters for a particular class and uses specific equipment. What does that mean? It simply means there are CrossFit boxes that are more suitable for certain people. Also, offer a variety of sessions. There are CrossFit boxes that provide three times per week sessions. While others offer five days per week sessions. So what’s the most CrossFit expensive box?

If you live in New York, you should expect to pay up to $230 per month. However, you will pay $154 if you do three weekly classes.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, always expect a CrossFit to cost more than your traditional gym as it offers more than just gym equipment. For instance, if you are into aerobics, you can use CrossFit to train and improve your fitness level. The same applies if you are a boxer who wants to enhance strength and endurance. 

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