The Best Sandbags For CrossFit Training (In 2024)

A sandbag is an essential part of any CrossFit home gym. However, selecting the best sandbags can be difficult due to the sheer number of brands and types available on the market today. In this article, we’ll review the top 5 best sandbags for CrossFit currently available and explain why each one was chosen as one of the best by industry experts and professionals.

What Are Sandbags And How Are They Used?

Sandbags are small yet heavy bags made of cloth and sand. Their light weight allows them to be easily manipulated in exercises, they are also useful for sprints, load carries, and throws.

They provide an interesting alternative to kettlebells or barbells for functional strength training exercises, as well as a supplemental exercise for sports such as football or rugby. A flexible training tool that helps build powerful shoulders, grip strength, and balance, there is no doubt about it – the sandbag has many uses! 

How Can Training With Sandbags Improve My CrossFit Performance? 

Now that you’ve decided to take your CrossFit training to the next level by adding sandbag workouts, it’s time to get down to business and find out what you need. Although kettlebells and dumbbells may be more familiar, using a sandbag actually offers several advantages. 

Namely, they travel easily; they’re easy on your body; they offer great stability training, boost performance, and mental strength; and their loose weight allows for great practice of planes of motion like jumping or rotating. 

There are two main types of sandbags that are good for starting out with: A foldable duffel bag full of rice or another heavier material or a basic burlap sack with straps attached.

The unique weight distribution of a sandbag provides a training advantage that can improve your overall performance. The shoulder straps on most bags are designed to easily transition from left shoulder to right shoulder without dropping or dislocating, while heavy materials positioned in between specific points keep them in place as you train. 

As you move, you will feel more stable and have greater power with added resistance than when using a standard barbell or dumbbell, which can travel freely throughout training sessions. Traveling with a sandbag is easy, even through airports, because they are classified as luggage and not prohibited on planes; simply wrap and strap it down for transport wherever you need to go! 

How Much Do CrossFit Sandbags Weigh?

CrossFit sandbags are available in a wide range of weights, from 5 – 200 lb. Each option makes it easier for athletes of all fitness levels to start training with a sandbag. 

Athletes can gradually increase their capacity over time by adding weight each time they return to their workouts. If you’re just starting out with CrossFit training, opt for a lighter bag between 5 and 25 pounds.

Our Favorite CrossFit Sandbag Workouts

CrossFit workouts are known for being intense and often involve high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to keep workouts interesting. A CrossFit sandbag workout incorporates the use of sandbags, which adds an extra challenge to many exercises by requiring you to work against the weight of the bag, as well as your own body weight. 

If you’re looking to get in shape and challenge yourself at the same time, try these CrossFit sandbag workouts. They’ll help you build endurance, strength, and speed while improving your muscular endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness level.

1) Sumo DL

Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and squat down, with both of your hands on the opposite ends of the sandbag. The idea is to keep sandbag as close to you as possible. 

As you stand up, lift the sandbag straight out in front of you until your arms are fully extended. Lower the bag back down and repeat. Start with ten reps and increase weight if needed. 

This is a great compound movement that strengthens all muscles in the core while also improving balance and coordination.

2) Lunge and Reach

With your sandbag, take a wide stance and squat down into position. Lunge forward with one leg and reach your arms forward. 

Return to start, then repeat on other side. Complete 15 repetitions in each direction. Take a time-limit challenge, trying to beat your previous score each week! (35 seconds per leg) 

Note: To make sure you get a good stretch out of it, come all the way down so that your back knee nearly touches the floor and push off hard with that same foot for power behind that lunge step up.

3) Double Clean + Jerk

In one move, you are working on multiple muscle groups and giving yourself an intense workout in just a few minutes. 

Set up like you would for double clean and jerk – using a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells – and then add in your sandbag. Grab it from behind with both hands and push it up off of your shoulders into an overhead position (like you’re doing a snatch). 

Once it reaches arm’s length overhead, press down into a split squat position, tapping both feet flat on the floor with weight at shoulder height. Stand back up to full lockout position while maintaining a hold on the bag; then reset before starting the next rep. 

That’s 1 rep. Repeat 10 times. 
Perform 3 sets of 10 reps (30 total reps). 
For an added challenge, add in pushups between each set of double cleans and jerks.

What to look for when buying sandbags?

You don’t want a sandbag that feels like it’s going to burst open every time you lift it. Buy from a reputable brand and pay attention to quality control. 

Make sure there aren’t any stitching defects and that seams are finished properly. The heavier-duty canvas material is less likely to rip than regular cotton, for example. 

Also look for D-rings or loops on one end of your sandbag so you can easily fasten it to lifting platforms, like those used in CrossFit training. 

The 5 Best Sandbags for CrossFit (in 2022)

Though sandbags were invented decades ago, they’ve exploded in popularity over the last few years. This is no surprise to anyone who has ever used one of these simple bags of sand, especially in CrossFit-style workouts and strength training. 

But there are so many different options out there, from the size and shape of the bag to the material it’s made from, that it can be hard to choose which is best for you. If you’re planning on purchasing your first sandbag or replacing an old one, these 5 top picks will have you feeling the burn in no time at all!


Price: $180 – $240
Small – 7″ x 19.5″
Medium – 9″ x 24″
Large – 10.5″ x 35″
Small – 40 pound
Medium – 80 pound
Large 150 pound

The best features of Rogue’s new sandbags are their durability and versatility. The bags are made from ultra-tough 1000D Cordura, which gives them a high-quality feel and makes them suitable for training all over your gym or garage – not just in a specific area you’ve set aside for sandbag work. 

They also have a wide range of exercises you can do with them, from standard movements like deadlifts to more unusual ones like snatch lifts and bear hugs/skin-the-cat/alligator rolls (just don’t drop it on your face). In short, these bags are quality products that will let you get creative in your workouts.


Price: $75
Weight: 88lbs.

Unlike traditional bags, outer bags have handles and D-rings attached to the outside. This makes it easy to do farmer walks and for teammates to hang on for support during different movements. 

Another benefit of outer bags is that they’re made of stronger fabric, making them perfect for loaded carries or dragging on concrete or other rough surfaces. And because they can withstand more abuse, you won’t have to worry about rips or tears over time. 

If you’re an avid CrossFitter, you’ll be able to find plenty of exercises that use and improve your strength, endurance, and mobility. For starters, it’s important to master a few basic movements with different sandbags: squats and deadlifts are simple options that help build leg strength, and shoulder carry strengthens shoulders and core muscles. 

Cleans, snatches, bent rows, lunges – there are endless possibilities! With its durable construction and top-notch materials (two layers of extra thick waterproof fabric), this bag can withstand any impact without failing or letting in water or dirt. It’s easy to clean – just wipe it down with a wet cloth if necessary.

3) Simple Training Sandbags

Price: $59
40 pound – 12″ x 21″
60 pound – 13″ x 27″
80 pound – 14″ x 34″
100 pound – 14″ x 38″

The Simple Training Sandbags are an affordable option that offers over 30 unique exercises, including squats, presses, curls, and pull-ups. With these bags, you can get all the benefits of lifting weights without having to shell out big bucks for bulky machinery at your local gym!

These sandbags have been built to perform in any environment. They will never rip, break, lose their shape or lose their handles. 

The design is streamlined to prevent them from catching on anything while training. They do not overfill their sandbags because no one wants to deal with ripped bags when training. 

Their design takes a beating and looks great when you’re done with them. The all-black design makes it a perfect addition to any CrossFit gym! 

4) Ludus Imperium Workout Sandbags

Price: $50
Size: 3.78″ x 12.87″ x 15.55″
Weight: 110 pound

If you are a fan of all-around fitness activities, there is no better training sandbag than The LUDUS IMPERIUM. If you love throwing an object around while working out, and get as much fun training as you do when doing other physical activities, then LUDUS IMPERIUM is just right for you. 

This product is designed to be thrown around, tugged, pulled, and abused, but just like any other sandbag, it can be used by everyone irrespective of their fitness levels. The fact that it thrives under harsh usage means that you can put it through its paces using higher weights without worrying about damaging your product. 

It’s safe to say that LUDUS IMPERIUM will give your workout a whole new dimension!

Ludus Imperium Training Sandbag (Black, 50 KG)
  • ✔️ MULTIPURPOSE – These sandbags can be used by everyone, irrespective of their fitness levels. 50 KG - 110 LB

5) Iron Viking Sandbag

Price: $59.99
Size: 3.03″ x 12.13″ x 14.33″
Weight: 25 – 75 pounds

If you’re going to call your product Crossfit Sandbag, it had better be able to withstand some serious abuse. Luckily, the Iron Viking Sandbag lives up to its name and then some, with durable yet lightweight construction that will last you years of hitting it with sand or water-filled weight plates. 

In fact, this bag has so many uses beyond CrossFit exercises (kickboxing, martial arts practice, etc.) that it’s one of the best value-for-money items on this list.

Whether you’re after strength and endurance or performance, this high-performance fitness sandbag from Iron Viking is designed for heavy-duty weight training and will help increase your strength and endurance. 

The sand in this fitness sandbag is denser than traditional playground sand, helping to maintain its shape over time. This not only means that it’s easier to use, but that it’ll retain its shape during transportation.

Military-Grade Sandbag Workout Bag, Heavy-Duty 1000D Condura Weight Bags, Sandbags for Fitness, Strength & Agility Training, Adjustable Weight Workout Sandbag for Crossfit, 25 to 75 lbs - Iron Viking
  • ⍟ The Only Training Equipment You’ll Need - Improve your strength and endurance with this high-performance fitness sandbag from Iron Viking. Effective and versatile, you can incorporate this weighted bag into any functional fitness training session.

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